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Anyone use larger than 12 gm. pre-packaged CO2 on a Phantom?

I like to try all types of configurations on the phantom, mostly 12 grams on a back changer or a pistol setup in VCS front grip.

I was grocery shopping at Kroger and saw narrow, assuming 2 to 4 oz., Tippmann Metal non-valve, puncture single use container that uses a threaded connector to a paintball marker for 2 for $7.99.

Itís an old technology but still available. Gives easily 8-12x the volume of a 12 gram, and supplies CO at high pressure. I used one on a Thumper as a sidearm at I.O.N in 2013 that worked, but never on a Phantom.

Anyone use larger than 12 g pre-packaged CO2 on a Phantom?
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