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So I wore my new Valken Zulu Pro pants Saturday and Sunday at Fort Knox Paintball for their Fallout game. After wearing them two days, I have some additional thoughts.

First, the knee pads just don't seem quite right for me. When I kneel down, the padding on the knee doesn't line up quite right. I have beefy legs so that might have something to do with it...a bit looser fit might result in a different experience. Hopefully I will drop some more weight over the coming months and it will be a bit better.

I like the zipper pockets under the main pockets but whoever made the opening must have had little girl hands. My meaty hands had trouble getting in the openings...another inch wider opening would have been much better.

The pants are pretty hot compared to non-padded pants. I think that sort of goes without saying but between the padding and the black multicam, my legs got toasty in the bright Indiana sun. inseam is around 30-31 normally so the 2XL size was fine for me. However, someone any taller would have had issues with the length. I saw another guy at the field with a pair of the new Zulu Pros on and he mentioned he wished they were a bit longer.

I found no issues with durability. As a 47 year old guy with a bum knee, flat feet and too much weight, I am not a hard charging, sliding style player. I imagine these will hold up just fine for my style of play.

Thanks be to Velcor that they made these with the stretchy crotch. Playing paintball in pants without this just won't seem right any more.

All in all...I give this pant good marks. I think Valken has a good pant here and I believe it will be successful. I appreciate any additional options for paintballers in a woodsball-oriented paintball pant, one made with the refinements normally available to speedball players.
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