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Yes you can modify the trigger assembly to "improve" trigger pull and this has nothing to do with pump kits/lubrication of bolt assembly...etc.
  • Play with your Phantom, the more you play the more the spring relaxes and mating surfaces wear in but I understand sometimes I can not wait for that to happen.
  • There is someone on here who came up with a replacement trigger with bearing to help stabilize and smooth the trigger action. Not tried it but I've thought about doing the same thing myself
  • You can replace the return spring on your trigger with a lighter weight spring (I do not know of a Part # or anyone selling a kit) just go to a GOOD hardware store and check out their springs. Be careful though there is a reason why Mike chose that spring and it is for reliability on the re-cock to ensure the sear sets properly.
  • you can polish the sear to trigger contact area. I've done so on every Phantom I've owned never was fully satisfied with the Phantoms trigger myself. Again be careful you can go too far and destroy the reliability.
  • Shim the trigger to improve stability, I have done so with thin nylon washers to keep the trigger from wobbling which improves feel
  • Find and RTR slider trigger and work this so that it closer matches your other triggers in style and function. There is someone else on here doing something similar to RTR but I have no experience with them or their product.

Your marker to do with as you wish, the Phantom is a great marker out of the box but that does not mean it is perfect. Reconfigure to fit you needs and style just accept what you are doing in the long run may be counter productive or not worth the time and effort.

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