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It wasn't directed at you. It was a general comment about people thinking they are worse than a hard shell paint.

I to have picked embedded paint shell out of paint hits. I have seen stars from paint.
It was directed at me. Since 50cal paintball is marketed as a kid friend round I had assumed FSR in 50 would he the same. Imagine the look on my face when I was informed that 50 cal FSRs are actually a new quite likely more damaging round for pain minstrels to brag about being hit by. I sure am dumb sometimes, now letís go back to filling the woods with garbage and pretending that this is going to work forever!

It is correct: any paintball can do this in the right setting.

It is not correct: that the Flatline did much of anything except excite Flatline users, pretty much all 98 fans that were limited to $99 guns. You didnít need new paint for it. It was mainly one barrel on one gun. It is super out of fashion now and hardly even talked about anymore so I hope eventually FSR will be more like Flatline. Iíve also never shot FSR, but my assumption is itís a lot less weird and stupid than the Flatline was.

It is correct: this is garbage in the woods. There are people who care about this and people who donít but there is no explanation or plan or relatable excuse for FSR that I have heard when it comes to the garbage. Polystyrene lasts centuries longer than even the craziest paint or even galvanized steel and there no plan for it. There are simply people who care and people who donít and thatís it. People who dump their garbage when they go camping will love FSR but other people all say the same thing when they are introduced to FSR, ďHang on, what happens to this piece?Ē and the only answer Iím hearing is ďlet the next guy who buys this place deal with it.Ē Manufactures of the stuff donít care or they never would have put FSR into production with the vague hope that someday the plastic industry will come up with the perfect tech to save them from their own thing before it gets popular enough to be permanently banned. FSR being niche is the only thing keeping it alive, weirdly.

I was at a big game last weekend. I ran 12gs half the day. I didnít see any 12s on the ground, I saw some but but not a ton of FSR. Maybe stock people just like to trash the woods less. Or maybe itís just numbers. One 12 is 24+ shots but every FSR just lays there waiting for Jesus to come back or the sun to burn out.
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