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My first pump was an SL68II gifted to me by a good paintball buddy {Thanks Jim!}. I had it freak bored and I love how rough, tough and loud it is. It is so fun to kick around with a stick feed and 9 oz. I don’t plan on letting it go.

My second was an SS25 which I used for a few years. That thing was a wonderful introduction to the CCM wizardry. I sold it within my paintball buddy group when I found an S6. I couldn’t justify two very nice and similar pumps in my stable.

My third is the aforementioned S6 which I don’t plan on letting go. It is as smooth and stable as the legends claim. The milling is dead sexy and the dust black anno is rich. I have used a newer SportShot, stick-feed and a 3D printed 50 round hopper from PBDNA. It all depends on my mood that day. It is equally comfortable for me with a 13/3000 or a 45/45. Again it depends on the day.

My latest find is a Line SI Bushmaster. I had been looking for a way to rejuvenate the game for myself and along with a substantial supply of gifted Leland’s this has done that. With a stick-feed, a few ten rounds, some 12 grams and my Joyride pack, I’m loving life. These were the rigs I saw when I picked up my first issue of Action Pursuit Games. This one is a keeper as well.

I’ve been eyeing BST Phantoms and I may pick one up one day. I know it will be a great experience.
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