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I have owned a ton and I mean a ton of pumps and I have shot all and more. phantoms, mavericks, tracers, buzzard, ccms, sterlings, ghosts, mvps, prp, pgp, kpís, snipers,etc..

My recommendation is to shoot a sniper that is well broken in. Then shoot a ccm. If you can shoot better with both then pick up a ccm or build one.

I have tried to shoot a phantom, but for the life of me I canít reliably hit what Iím aiming at because it feels so much different than every other marker I shoot. Every time I pick a phantom up, Iím like maybe this will be the one that converts me... nope. I do normally play open class though. Fun of choice is a ccm s6.5, I have owned almost all of the ccms at some point and still keep coming back to it.
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