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Originally Posted by Big Nasty View Post
I will have a pair of these next week and I will share my thoughts on them. I have a HORRIBLE time buying paintball pants, hell pants in general....I truly hate buying pants. Anyways, I wear 42 jeans and shorts, some 40's fit me and I have a 30in inseam. Its impossible to find anything that isn't 34-36in inseam in that waist size. I don't get it....why not have short and long lengths? I ordered the XXL in hopes that they're sized properly. I have a pair of Crusades in XL that are barely to small and a pair of Redemptions in XXXL that are fricken huge on me. My fingers are crossed!
I think you will find the fit on these pants better than what you are used to. I don't think you will find them to be too least not terribly so. I am in the 30-32 in inseam range (depending on the pant) and find these to be fine for my tastes.

I look forward to your thoughts.
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