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PMed you on MILSIMOG, Windwalker.

The zeus was the crossdraw I had in mind, that's the grip, sticking from my other hip, in the picture. The holster I have now has loops on the outside for more ammo, but it tilts on my belt and moves around, I've even lost the gun out of it(granted I got the regular velcro strap).
I'm spoiled now, it was especially noticeable because I was wearing your holster on the right and the nylon tactical on the left. When I drew my tag your holster just seemed to disappear, it's so light. The other one flops around bad especially with tubes ON it and no gun IN it.

One thing I noticed in Canada at that pistol tournament was that unlike pump players who compete against each other and become more homogenized, pistol players have wildly different basic approaches. My 'approach' was to develop my skills and hone my gun until I could put out the volume of paint that I would use with a regular marker anyway(I'm carrying 250 Rounds of paint in that pic). So to me it's crucial that I be able to put my guns away and get them out as fast as possible. I'm happier than a mule eating biscuits!

We play Pistol and we encourage the Few despite the discouragement of the Many.

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