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Grendel is a man of many talents, not least of which is his keen eye for exceptionally well made pumpkin spice lattes. He can often be found scouring the suburbian hills of Massachusetts in his custom painted semi-gloss slate grey Mazda Miata, in search of the perfect blend of frothed milk, fine espresso, and autumnal spices. He regularly arrives at local coffee shops at least 45 minutes before closing, to ensure his prospective baristas have enough time to create their most magnificent work. He then relays his order clearly and succinctly, in a voice one may describe as bold yet soothing, and promptly pays the required amount (with adequate tip for sipping and handling fees of course). Obviously translating directly to masterful paintball BST deals, this experience has led him to become an exemplary member of the MCB community of buyers and sellers. One should not hesitate to sell him your wares.
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