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You can't rely on car fax to do anything for you at all. It is a good base line but car fax isn't going to know when a car was clobbered on the street and repaired by joe's garage.

You should look at the car carefully. If you have a friend that knows his way around cars, ask him or her to come look for you.

Things to look for is ANY paint at all on the black rubber seals around doors and windows. Even good repairs will usually try to leave fixed side windows in place and you can find a little stripe of paint on the black rubber trim where it meets the painted part of the car. This is extremely common with cars that people are lying to you about.

If the car was in a little bumps where the bumpers were replaced, it should be fine.

If you were buying it directly from the person who replaced the bumpers and owned the car, that would be one thing. The dealer will blatantly lie to you and simply make up stories that sound good. You really can't trust a single word they say when it comes to things like this. They buy a lot of cars from auctions and have no idea wtf happened to them. They have their team shine them up. Dealerships know what to do to make a car pass all but the most intense scrutiny. They are wiley.

I have a car that was bought new and had a brief stop at a toyota dealership before it came to its second owner, and then my hands. I still find wiley things that the dealership did to make it pass 5 foot scrutiny. I would not buy a car that has been through a dealers hands (a second time) again, if it can be avoided at all.

I would buy "certified pre owned" because those are backed by the MFG.
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