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Lol. Well, since the keyboard was going to be my push to start a PC build, I don’t think you’ll be too inspired by my current battle station, but here ya go!
My last laptop died. I couldn’t justify a new one. My mom had one laying around and, I don’t like to show off, but peep this bad bitch.

Specs? Oh yeah, it has specs!

Core: i5 4th gen
1.7 GHz
1920 x 1080 pixels

Eat your heart out.

But then this happened:

The fan killed itself. It sounded not good and then boom. Dead.

I was so close to hitting level 60 though! I had to push through! So in five minutes intervals, with my laptop shutting down in between, I pulled it off!

And for this reason, I would like to win your keyboard.

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