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Originally Posted by Rainmaker View Post
I'm not as car savvy as I'd like to be - what is this cheap tuner you speak of, and how do you do that?
There's a couple different routes, the cheaper way is a throttle booster, that takes the signal from the pedal sensor and modifys it to tricks your cars computer into making the throttle plate respond sooner.

The other is a handheld programmer that plugs into the OBDII port under the dash, and adjust the throttle sensitivity settings on your vehicle. These typically allow you to modify other options as well, such as transmission shifting, speed limiter, and other performance options. Usually between $300-500.

I got the second type for my Jeep, I use it to alter the engine tuning for the large turbo I added. Plus it lets me adjust my speedometer to compensate for different tires sizes and gearing.
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I always close both my eyes and use the force.

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