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First Strike Half Pint 15/4500 HPA Tank - Tiny 4500 tank that's lighter than 3k one!

The new must-have air system for all magfed and pump paintball players is here. The First Strike™ Hero2 Half Pint is 15 Cubic Inches and has a working pressure of 4500psi, which allows for more shots from a smaller size bottle. This air system is compatible with all common 13ci Air in Stocks available on the market today. Shot count isn’t the only great thing about this air system, lighten your loadout by over 3 ounces when switching from its aluminum 13cu 3000psi counterpart.


15cu Carbon Fiber Bottle
13.2 Ounces with Hero2 Regulator
UN/ISO Label
Re-Hydro every 5 years
2 Inch Diameter
9.45” Overall Length
Fits existing air in stocks

Sounds amazing until you see the price - $200

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