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Originally Posted by Whee McGee View Post
Not falling under 3AL kills it for me.
Why is this, 3AL has nothing to do with composite bottles? There are no DOT 3AL bottles that are rated for 4500 psig. You want a 3AL bottle in this cuin range you'll have to settle for a 17cuin and 3000 psig and hope it has the 3AL markings. As I said I have two brand new ones that are identical from the same mfg and one came DOT 3AL and the other ISO marked.

ISO bottles have been okay for use (transport and refilling) in the US for 15 years now [as I've found out in my research]. The problem now is helping educate the paintball populace to that fact. In fact a comparable bottle under ISO standards are tested to a higher standard when compared to the comparable bottle under the DOT standard. It actually looks like the DOT is actively working toward aligning with ISO standard so they can drop maintaining US specific standards. Embrace the change

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