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You mean you guys didn’t see the episode of Antiques Roadshow with this very Autococker?

**Cracks Knuckles**

This marker was ACTUALLY given an appraisal of $22,000 on the show. It is believed to be the very first ever atlatl launcher dating back to 5th century Indonesia. It was made from a load of ancient Sprite soda cans that had washed up along the shores all along the coast, smelted into an aluminum ingot, smithed into a crude axe blade, and then re-smelted again to be forged into this final form. Rumor has it that it is also the marker used to eliminate Bobby Dukes in the original story of Blackballed before the historical retelling featuring Rob Corddry of recent times. No one knows who the original air smith on this particular beast was, but it has a small makers mark of a unillamacorn and “Walz’s Kindergarten Science Fair Entry” etched underneath the right side grip panel.

At least that’s what I can recall from memory about the episode’s depiction. I could be wrong on maybe one of the points, but I don’t think I am.
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