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Ehh... I'm on board with about 50% of what this guy says. I told my wife point-blank to not make me choose between her and paintball. Just. Don't. She respects that, despite her lack of interest and probably some resentment when she sees how much I spend sometimes. But as long as I don't give her a hard time over her hobbies it's no big deal.

He's very right about needing your own time for your own interests, but overall I think he's a little extreme. For me the majority of your interests don't need to be the same to have a great relationship (though it does help). Just goes to show how differently people can view things I guess.

EDIT: Upon further thought, what he says is merely an opinion and he presents absolutely nothing profound. Kinda want my 10 minutes back, lol. The 6yo being a DM was neat to see though.
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