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Need some CCM guidance

Well I think it's time for a new (and possibly semi-final) marker, and I have decided to stop pushing my love for cockers away. My first cocker was a blast, I really regret selling it and in turn went through 5 or 6 since then to try to find that same feeling. Well I think that feeling will be had with a nice PUMP cocker. Which bring me to my dillema. I was looking long and hard at S6for a long time and really wanted one, but couldn't get past the whole, pump cocker for $500+ when one can be had on here for <$150. So I gotta ask, is the S6 significantly better, to the point that it is worth spending the extra cash on one? I know this may be a stupid question, but I guess I just need some real people (or at least their e-selves:P) to tell me straight up that it's worth it. Other than weight is there any real advantages?
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