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Help with Ancient Gun

Names Bryan and I need some help with an old marker that I have.
If anyone out there knows who or who can help me upgrade this old gun of mine I would greatly appreciate it.
The marker is an old Feral Action Sports Technologies F-1 Illustrator. I have a hard time parting with it as the marker holds some very sentimental value with me. The Major problem with the marker is that Feral Sports no longer supports this marker (at least i don't think they do as they have never responded to the multiple messages i have left them)

What I need is a way to upgrade or at least re-new the internal components of the marker to make it either more efficient or at least solve some issues that i have with the marker.

I am not the most technically proficent paintball player so bear with me as I try to give you the best possible description.

Marker info and details:
-The marker has a dual bolt that can be removed via a bolt that is pulled through a hole located at the top of the marker (It had a threaded extractor pin but over the years lost it) but can be removed via the bolt opening by unscrewing the bolt and using a tiny phillips flat head screw driver.
-Has a rear direct feed CO2 line to the maker that currently has an bottom line attached to it, which in-turn is attaced to the bottom of the M-16 style hand grip.
-It has some sort of removable mechanism located inside a removable cap located at the front of the marker directly underneath the barrel which has a spring and some sort of rod with a sprocket shaped washer on it, also has an o-ring, which i have replaced with several types of o-rings to try and stop the leaking of CO2 from it.
The Marker is missing the saftey mechanism as it broke a while back and i cannot find a suitable replacement.
Also the trigger assembly itself seems to be worn out along with the sear as it lockes up when firing sometimes and double and triple feeds when firing faster than approximatley 1 round every 2 sec, which in-turn either just chops paint or causes the gun to decock itself.

If ANYONE can help or knows someone that can fix/upgrade this type of marker I would greatly appreciate it, you can either post hear or feel free to e-mail me directly, pics can be obtained but will take some time to get as I am currently in Iraq right now, and will take a bit to get the photos to me.

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