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ccm tippmann barrels

Rod and I were messing around today.(no,not with each other) and trying to come up with a cool looking barrel for my Tippmann AK.When it came right down to it, simple won the day.We both liked the look with a simulated "CAN" (silencer) on the end of the barrel.It is not a detachable end.I just undercut the barrel.I drilled some holes near the shroud for venting.I didn't want to put any holes in the end of the barrel as to detract from the look.I am going to get them hard anodized dull black to stay with the look of the marker.Here is a couple of pics.

Here is a couple of different lengths I made.That short barrel looks really bada**.Just right for CQB.

here is a close-up of the porting.

Whoa,is this supposed to be in the Tippmann fourm? Hold on Mod, don't move it yet.snip,snip,align,click.Ok.Here is a new CCM barrel with a Tippmann marker attached to it.

Ecc. 9-10
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