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The stock barrel is well,stock.I don't believe I have shot it with the stock barrel.These new barrels were not as loud as I was expecting.The holes didn't seem to make much difference either.We were standing in the parking lot beside our metal shop building.So, when the sound waves hits the wall it bounces back at you. I'm not sure how many holes it takes to make a barrel quite.Somewhere between 10 and a 1000.I'm sure we have all seen every combination out there.It shoots straight just like the 100's of barrels we have used to test markers with.The biggest detriment to velocity is really short barrels (4") I had one on my A5 it looked pretty cool.
We like 12" on our pumps .And the biggest problem we have had with accuracy has always been bad paint or the wrong sizer. On these tippmann barrels I went for looks.As far as accuracy goes we didn't have any problem hitting our targets.
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