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I am fairly sure that if your name is CCMachinist - you can post whatever you make here.

Thanks probably thought I was just a ccm fanboy.I really like the Tippmanns.I think they are the best in their class.Dress it up.And yes I bought a C3.I think it is one of the most innovative ideas to come down the pike in a long time.It could really go somewhere if it wasn't patented.The more that people can play with an idea the better it gets.Just think if it was design for a 12 gram propane cylinder or maybe stick you bic in it.You could probably get 1000 shots from a 12 gram.(you can do the math).Just think about that.A 12 gram in the grip and shoot all day.No bottle sticking in your armpit.And best of all it wouldn't look funky with that coleman camp bottle sticking on the end.But it will probably get buried.The hopper is next.The hopper is a LIE.
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