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Originally Posted by CCmachinist View Post
We do make a 12" barrel with sizers.Our Series 6 comes standard with them when we have them in inventory.We have them in inventory now.Well they are out at polishing.
we will make 10" if that is what people want.
Thank you for the response before it went to silly lol. I understand that there would have to be a higher number of interest in the 10" length to make it worth while for you to produce them. I love the 12 inch barrel length immensely. It pleases me that you have responded in this positive manner and I will comtinue to be pleased and purchase the awesome products you provide us with.

I wish you the best And look forward to the next run of ccm minikits for 2k's & up. lol (I need to pick up more than 2 this goaround) Maybe 3 more.

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