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How often do you use a "large" printer?

I'm looking at my first 3d printer. I need TPU and would like some stronger plastics as well.

I know bigger is usually better, and IF I want to print something large it would be nice to have. I have no present plans to print something larger than a 6" bed would make.

Is the future value of a larger bed a significant factor? Is printing at an angle with supports a viable solution to getting more length in the print space?

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Its all preference and budget.
I run i3 type printers with like8inches cubed space. To a printer that prints x11,y9,15z. And a printer that prints 18x12y22z.

Just depends on what you want.

Printing at an angle to get mor length it depends on where your part needs to be strong along with other factors. I'm at work so there might be someone else who can build on the stuff I have posted. Or have their own opinions.
My printer sizes are kinda guesaments. I'm not in front of them right now they could be bigger than what I stated.
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I've only ever printed one thing on Agnes that *technically* couldn't fit on Griselda's 200mm bed.
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Tyrvi has a few printers, but he rarely signs in. Included are a "normal" sized Ender 3 (200 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm) and a Folgertech FT-5 (300 mm x 300 mm x 400 mm). I rarely see him using the FT-5, as most projects he is working on fit within the Ender 3's capacity.

I am 100% certain that any machine purchased will not cover every possible situation. Knownothingmags has a very valid point... How much do you want to spend, how much space in the dwelling is available and what size of projects are you attempting to create?


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I was keeping the Lulzbot Mini 2 on the list due to it's hot end and the self leveling feature. That is about all I care to spend atm. Its 6" (x6x6+) space is on the small size considering the cost. I would rather not repeat my son's learning curve with the Prusa i3 kit (wood frame). The Lulzbot Mini 2 is where this size question comes from.
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