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Plausibility of ICD 'cat Hammer rings?

If any of you own an ICD 'cat, you know that the hammer seal ring is some form of hard plastic. You probably also know that they get beat to hell by the valve over time and become useless.

Is it possible to print something capable of taking that stress or is that asking too much from the plastics?
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Are you talking about the black "donut' that is on the white delrin bolt?
That is just the spacer to keep the forward air and recock air separated. It doesn't actually push the valve down when shooting. The damage is caused when you disassemble and reassemble the bolt.
I have owned mine since 96 and it has little nicks and dents all over it. Does not affect shooting.
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I think they pick up extra damage (from assembly and operation) as the poppet seat wears down and the stem rides up higher, making the velocity and recock settings kind of extreme. I've only seen them really beat in rentals, and the inner diameter was still worse than the outer diameter. The nicks and burrs on the outside help the seal.

I had one that was cracked through (rental), which I turned a replacement from delrin. They are sensitive to that fit. Too tight is varying friction, too loose is uncontrolled (from the screw) recock gas (not all bad). Any of the stronger plastics should be viable, with a few trials to adjust for shrinkage. The texture of the print might be a benefit to restricting the flow over the ring (until it wears down).

IIRC, the main problem with them being worn is that there is too much recocking force and poor efficiency. (?)
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