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Originally Posted by kidneythief
The PB&J Burrito

Take one tortilla smuther Peanut butter, Jelly and honey on it, roll up like a burrito and eat.

Ive also been known to fry up some deli turkey or balony, toss it on some toasted bread add a little mayo and chow down.

I also used to make what I coined the "pickle salad" as a kid( I dont recomend this)

I would hand slice 3-4 Dill pickles at about a 1/4" a slice, put in a bowl dump salt, vinegar and mustard on it, mix it up and eat with a fork.

Man that pickle salad thing sounds like a pregnant women's 3am craving. As for a quick meal Throw a block of cream cheese and some green olives in the food processor. Blend and spred on any bread or crackers. This can be done with a fork for those that like their cream cheese and olives lumpy.
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