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Finally I get around to uploading some pics of my collection. It's already out of date though, I've bought and sold a few things since then

PEHAW!!!!!!!!! Kitty things this thread is awsome!

Palmers Missing a Pug

Most of the shiny mag....

Series 6 for sale


Nelson based stuff that's assembled

Tub and baggie of DF Nelsons, disasembled brass and 007's

Sherdian Brass

What's missing in these pictures:
- ICD BKO (Just bought yesterday)
- Piranha GTI Eframed thing (in the mail somewhere)
- PPS Pug (Just plain lazyness, I have it on my lap right now)
- Rasta Talon
- Splatmaster. It likes to disappear at times.
- Another random Nelson. Wizbaa looked bored so I brought him something to goof off with.

EDIT: Found an LB randomly in my storage room. They are reproducing again. Damm, I keep ending up with more LB's. I wonder what the secert is to make them hatch into Palmers....

Everything I have together makes for 47 markers, plus the ones I just bought. I think.

Don't have the Phantom anymore Sold it to another Canadian MCB'er
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we're talking about camping, not being homeless
Vagabond living on the side of the road in East Asia.

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