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Okay guys I asked for a quote from a bus charter that is local to me. The bus sizes vary but I asked for a quote on a 47 person charter leaving friday morning and leaving EMR at 5 p.m. sunday night. That will give us friday night, saturday's big game and the pump game on sunday. All of this is of course adjustable (meaning the times). I will post the cost when I receive the quote.
Sorry for the delay in response, I had a brain fart and forget I was looking into this! I did hear back from my mate, but he's out of the bus business so that nicked that idea. He did forward me onto a rep with his old company who was going to get a decent rate by declaring us a "non-profit" organization group. I haven't heard anything back yet, but I'll follow up with him on monday and see if i can get us a number and when we'd need an answer by!
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