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Sheridan Parts Order 10-24

Hey guys, I been out of the loop for a while and am noticing I need to order some Sheridan parts. Just wondering if anyone needs anything for their Sheridan Paintball Guns? I have made mulitple orders in the past for the MCarter group. If anyone has made dealings with me and would like to leave feedback, I am adding myself to the feedback section please feel free to post your dealings and feelings.

Parts Order
I will start off with I CAN NOT get Sheridan KP Stocks or Trigger groups I can get most other stock parts for Sheridan pump and Semi Auto guns. I also can get most parts for the Crossman 3357.

I have not ordered from them in a while, so all you can do is request, I will call on the 18th, inquire with my Rep, find out what they have and get prices on the parts you inquire on, relay pricing to you guys and place the final order on the 24th. I do still have some Sheridan stuff on hand and might be able to ship out immediately. In the past takes about 2 weeks to receive my order from Sheridan and then will ship out as soon as possible. you are looking at about a month from now before you receive anything that I need to order.

I accept Paypal, Credit Card over phone, check by phone or you can mail in payment to me.

I ship USPS and Prefer priority mail. I do know having to pay $5 shipping for a $4 part can make it hard to want to order parts, so I will try to send out using other then priority mail at your request, but will only deal with the post office. Depending on the parts and my requirements for shipping, I will give you fair pricing on shipping and handling.

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