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Originally Posted by Omegara View Post
I'd go with the 08 electra if you can afford the $200. It has the reg which lets it run at 300 psi, a rail and on/off, can run on regular 9v's and the frame is aluminum instead of polymer like the new pilot.

Ooh that sounds good. We are treading into Fusion territory at that price, but it's still cheaper. Thanks for the tips guys! All very good info.

I am finding that bps isn't that important to me as well. I have a Mag which is my first semi (hadn't played since I was a pump only guy in the mid-90s), and I'm finding that it's ROF is way more than I need. Last round I played I got 5 shots off at one guy, and spent the rest of the time stalking (and being stalked, and ultimately getting sniped). Firefights are fun occasionally, but I'm more of a tactical guy. I just want to be able to hang when I need to. And I was hoping that electros were more reliable and chopped less paint.
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