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San Diego Pump Day Info - June 29th @ Velocity Paintball Park in Ramona

Pump Day at Velocity Paintball Park in San Diego

Sunday June 29th

(semi-pistols also being accepted in our group - see below for semi-pistol Rules)

Cost to play
If your on "the list": $15 (must get on "the list" by Wednesday June 25th)
Day of Play: $20 (regular walk-on price)
Air: 12gs 50cents each / FREE AIR TO ALL PUMP PLAYERS
B.Y.O.P. is allowed and field paint is fairly priced. $40 for a case of WPN weapons grade (they have other options as well)

To get on "the list":
Please PM myself or call Denise at (619)871-8504 or E-mail:

Mention wanting to get on the Pump Day List and give your name (first and last) and phone number (in case of emergency) feel free to say Demonio sent you

For Discounted entry you need to call, e-mail, or PM your info by Wednesday June 25th

Field opens around 8am (I think that's when they open the gates)

I think play actually starts around 9:30-10ish. We usually get there around 9 give or take a few minutes.

Most of the pump players try to park somewhere around where the Food Cart is located by the front office near the chrono range. Makes it easier to gather everyone up and head out to the next field. Depending on all participants, We usually play till they are breaking down the airball fields which is around 3:30-4:00ish.

This is just a once a month thing to get people excited about pump play, you will play with other pumpers in our own private group. There are no particular rules other than playing with some kind of pump marker.

For Discounted entry you need to call, e-mail, or PM your info by Wednesday June 25th

SEMI-AUTO PISTOL RULES (any semi marker following these rules)
- May NOT be fed with more than 10 rounds
- spring feed ok
- 12grams only
- Some magazine fed pistols may not be allowed at the field - management will make that call (tag8 are not allowed and other more realistic looking pistols)
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