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Originally Posted by CrazyBoy78 View Post
Yeah... I think Palmer's has a rebuild package but I can't seem to find it right now.

But first, open it up and inspect it. Could just be dried out. Oil it up and try it out. If it's still giving you a big variance (IIRC, you shouldn't get much more than +/- 5 fps or so) then get the rebuild kit.
Don't forget that paint has a huge effect on velocity consistency. Vectors have huge bores, so just about any paint will shoot through them, but not necessarily very well. If the size of the balls is all over the place, then your velocity will be, too. If the stab has a gauge port (all male stabs do, some - but not all - females do) and you have a gauge, stick it in there and see what the output pressure is. That's the only way to be reasonably sure that the reg is at fault.
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