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I took my boys one weekend to play some pump. There was only six of us, my sons friends are only twelve. We were playing where there was a valley about 120 feet across. My oldest boy is getting the idea about moving and shooting, so during the game I see him on the ridge of this valley. I duck my head decide to run about halfway around this hill, pop up the other side and catch him. I get to the top he is nowhere to be seen. Then I notice he had run to the other ridge, coming up behind my team. I didn't even aim, just raised my cocker, pointed in front of where he was running and fired. Hit him on top of the head in full stride. Luckiest damn shot I ever made.
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Win, loose, draw, leg chewed off by a beaver, doesn't matter it's a great idea
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"So there I was, sitting at the keyboard one handed, and I said to myself, 'that really looks like you're wife'..."

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Thing's lucky it scampered off because I would have skulled it to death if I'd managed to get my hands on it.
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