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Top three best/luckiest shots ever:

3) Playing a jumbo speedball field (think 6' picket fence panels as bunkers, but in a speedball layout), on the break, while running, I tripped and my Phantom fired when I hit the ground. I immediately rolled behind the nearest bunker and when I looked out to see what was going on a guy walked by with gator green paint dripping down the center of his lens muttering "blankety-blank sonofa#*%!" I was the only person shooting gator green marbs.

2) Last game of the day, I was down to 3 shots and hopefully enough of a 12-gram to fire them. I figured to make those shots count, I'd have to wait for the other guys to get real close, so I found a good spot and dug in. When one of them got to about 20' directly in front of me and was exposing his whole side (he was trying to flank the rest of my team). I slowly eased around the side of a tree and took aim. The problem is that I can't aim for beans at anything less that 50' away - I always shoot too high. Anyway, I squeeze the trigger and the ball flies - about 5' over his head. However, it continued to fly right between the slats of a pallet bunker and gogged another opponent who I didn't even know was there.

1) At one of the "Pump it Up" games at OA in Maryland, I shot Drum in the gut and it actually broke. Anyone who knows Drum knows that that alone is miraculous enough that any further embellishment is unnecessary.
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