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These happened last saturday.

The field allows any rate of fire as long as you are not a dick.
There was a group of Russians on the other team, and they are fun to shoot. If you are going to take one of them on with a pump, you need to make your first shot count or you will be bonus balled half way to moscow. Well, it was a big game and there were 4 bases to capture. The horn blows and I run like hell to one of the bases between the two starting points. A Russian is already there, and he flipped the flag and is looking for some capitalist americans to paint. The base is a small castle, with a ramp that leads up to the flag. I am at a wall near the base of the ramp. The Russian gent is probably 25 feet away. So I peek around the corner and notice he is wearing a holster. I don't want to start the day covered in welts, so I take aim for his holster. As I let a paintball rip from my pump mag, he turns my way and the paintball hit him in the junk. I didn't know that cause I was behind cover awaiting the hail of paint. So when he walks by, I don't see any paint, but he called himself out. I asked him where I got him, and in a very heavy Russian accent he goes "Where do you think?" I replied saying I aimed for his holster but turned. So I run up and flip the flag to my team's color and leave the castle. The moment I step past the wall, I take two hits in the chest, and frantically try to get away from the stream of paint. As I yell "OUT!", I stumble on my back and took on my neck and chin. So me and the Russian get to talk while walking back to safe zone.

The next one wasn't a shot but was ridiculously cool. As I was walking down a hill alone, I saw a whole line of opposing players take one of our bases. After taking it, they all just left. Not leaving anybody behind to watch it. So I just walked up flipped it back.

The refs at that game were great and a couple were mag freaks. I let them shoot my p-mag, and they were amazed. It was great, because that is the first time anyone has ever been envious over my gear.
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