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Originally Posted by netsurferdude2 View Post
That is what it boils down to.
Uhh, No it doesn't.

This is America, you are allowed to peacefully assemble. Just because someone else throws a rock at a police officer does not give that officer the right to fire blindly into a crowd.

Those FN's are MEAN. They are in no way similar to a Pepperball, and should never be fired at anyone, much less blindly into a crowd, unless the only other choice is firing your gun. Was that the officer's scenario? Not as far as I could tell.

Would that officer have fired if he was holding a rifle or a shotgun? No f'n way. His life was not in danger, and there were other officers on the scene with actual guns. He didn't fire in defense he fires in OFFENSE. That is difference. We're not talking about controlling an Inmate riot. 99% of the people there were not doing anything wrong. I have been in the wrong place at the wrong time before in a public place. It's not as easy as, "well Leave". It's hard to maneuver with that many people, and chances are most have no idea what's going on elsewhere.

In my own experience, I was at a concert where things got a bit out of hand (Nothing violent, but lots of pissed concert goers showing their displeasure by sitting in the reflecting pool.) I was exiting the venue heading down the stairs, by the time we hit the bottom of the stairs, my wife had been seperated from me (She was on the other side of the railing at the top of the stairs, but by the time we hit the bottom **** was hitting the fan. Staties were called in and showed up and I'm desperately trying to get over to where i last saw Karen (my wife). The troopers are telling everyone to leave, but doing nothing to remove the people from the pool. I'm standing on my tip-toes trying to see over the crowd, yelling "KAREN!", hoping I see Karen and Can grab her and leave. After about 10 seconds (midst second yell), I feel a shove from behind and I hit the ground, I roll over expecting to see some trashed A-Hole, but instead find an A-Hole with a gun and a badge. "GET OUT OF HERE!". There are hundreds of people in the pool, but he decides to assault the person standing there doing nothing except, looking freaked out and rather obviously trying to grab a loved one. There's more but it's irrelevent, I wish I had gotten more info from him so I could have persued a real complaint the next day, but I had a couple beers in me (not drunk) and was focused on finding Karen. Anyhow, I used to really respect our State Troopers, but I've realized their the just the same as most. They just happen to have a College degree also. It all changed in the time of going down ONE large set of stairs.

Pickle, you sound like a responsible & knowledgeable officer and I hope if I ever find myself in the wrong place at the wrong time, Your holding the Airgun not some twit. Unfortunately in NJ, that's all we have. TWITS.

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