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well after some sleep i was still annoyed but at least rested. I dug headfirst into it figuring now or never (learning how this stupid valve works.) I figured out that the threads in the body for the valve retaining nut are stripped, so that was keeping the whole valve mechanism from being in the correct position. I also finally got it out all the way. It was kind of funny actually, i ended up using the constant air adapter and hooking it up to an on/off valve and then to a full 9oz. The next step was turning on the valve for a few seconds and just blowing all of the internals out of the gun by force.

Anyway so thats that, now i just have to get replacment seals and figure out what to do with the stripped threads. Luckily I've also got an old pgp that needs valve work so i can make somthing work this weekend...

Of course there is still the whole problem with the imp kit to deal with....

anyone want to trade a long imp bolt for a short one?

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