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Originally Posted by SuperHiQuality87 View Post
Sweet. Well I think for now i'll just take 2 of the 12 gram piercing style kits. (do i have the ability to get more from you in the future?) and how much do you think the vm68 fingers are going to cost?

Thanks a ton!
I wish I had a clue.. Sheridan prices fluctuate so much it drives me crazy, I have seen in a months time a $3 cost me next time I order $7, so thats why I do it this way, not the most convenient for you guys I know but I would hate to end up either getting taken, or take advantage of you guys.

Last Order they sold for $6.95 each. pricey? I thought so, but truly not the profit margin I would like to make on it. I will let you know when i call for my prices next week.

And yes I usually have a decent supply of Sheridan parts on hand the oring kits are something I usually have in stock.
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