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wtb zeus/mil-tech/arotech

hey pballers...i am looking for any type of zues, the g1, the g2 or the g2+ no real preferance..and either model will do, either by mil-tech, warsensor, aroteck, ect. et al. .....and any soft goods to go along with it...i am a new "convert" by agent smith and i must obey his commands, for we shall be the "pistol brigade" and shall pummle the enimies 12g's at a time....bow donw before our onslaught of "10 ball tubes" and join us.....

thanks guys...and sorry but my meds ran out this morning...must get resupllied hand is looking like a "steak" again...and i must get the moo-moo pie to the bannana patch for wensday is happy blue.....

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