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Bob Long Sandridge Cocker fs/ft....

1996 Bob Long Cocker (yellow, black, white & silver splash...very odd & rare body serial number is 33477)
full sandridge conversion (cost $750 back in the day just for the conversion)
will come with a chrome proto 1 piece barrel & mint black 05 torpedo reg.

Gun works awesome & the eye still functions properly.
Very cool gun, own a piece of history...these were the first electrocockers made.

Price: $250 firm
Pretty open to anything...I have another F-5 that I will be keeping so I don't need 2 sandridges.

Angels: LED's would need to add a little if you don't have barrels with it...I would love a decent working LCD to mess around with guys.
Old timmy's or even project timmys...
Would trade this for an Ironman body.
Other cockers: would love a mech aka cocker
interesting pumps.
toss me some offers, worst I can say is nope....

Shipping will be strictly determined by feedback...I don't bend on this rule at all. my feedback is in my sig.

thanks and hit me with some interesting offers.
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