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sherline 4400 lathe (17 inch bed) went to ebay


i have Sherline 4400 lathe inch bed.
has 4 jaw independent jaws
3/16 Jacobs drill chuck
1 tool post
standard tool kit that comes with it new

this thing is like new. wife bitched and moaned when i bought. and now she is bitching more since i need a bigger lathe and have only used this think maybe twice in the last 2 years. and thats about as much as i used it since i bought it. so it's like new.

so basically need to find this a new home.
new this thing is $760 plus shipping.

will get pictures up shortly.

i figure $600 shipped is a good starting point

has a bench that i built for it that could go with it for and extra $30 , but would need to be picked up since i wouldn't even want to think about shipping it.

absolutely positively NO trades. don't ask or you will be severely beaten


also has a chip gaurd installed
moded the x slide to have a stop (great if your doing the same cut on a couple parts, but not ment for multiuple positions)
lathe cover(from sherline)
2.5inch 3 jaw self centering( pretty beat up came off other lathe)
2 extra tool posts
a few new and old tool bits

Making paintball fun again


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