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Sometimes these things come full circle. I started my pump loving days at

I bought my Phantom off of Hans who used to be there.

Always wanted to join up with you guys at skyball... Never made it before that venue closed down.

I remember getting into collecting back then, and when I already had a rare or old gun or I just couldn't afford it, I wanted to post my finds.

The guys at really did not like the idea of posting ebay finds and I got a lot of flak for doing it a few times.

So, I created my own forums and started posting my ebay finds to share with the rest of the collectors and gun whores of the world.

I still loved pump and to this day still play and promote it, but I also use other guns and broadened my style of play along with it.

So long story short, shut its doors. Sad to see it go. Today, it came up for release. For some strange reason, I just had to have it. It's the site that started all this (in one form or another). Call it an ironic twist of fate, or just me paying homage to the site I thought really stood out above all the others back during those days, and one that I called home for a short while.
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