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Originally Posted by Walker View Post
What is this worth, sale value. I have enough electros, and will be selling this one.

WarMachine Assault-80
- Cocker threaded barrels
- Drop, on/off, S/S hose and QD.

When I got this one it needed some work:

- Replace LPR Orings
- Replace Front Block Orings
- Replace Upper Body/Spool Orings
- Replace Lower Spool Orings
- Repair broken trigger wires
- Repair bare solenoid wires
- Replace spool and housing
- Remove, dismantle, free up ball detent
- Screws frozen, had to slot them to remove.
- Added the drop, hose, and QD.

It powers up, holds air, and shoots fine across the chrono in the garage.

The ball detent was frozen and causing continual ball breaks. I drilled out the brass plug in the end, freed it up, and have a rubber plug in the end to retain the spring and detent. I've PMed Polish Guy on PBN, to see if he might have a replacement detent.

I haven't had it on the field, only single shots across the chrono in the garage. Once I got the regs functioning properly I set the HPR at 180psi, LPR at just prior to the relief pressure, and it was shooting 425 across the chrono. I backed off the HPR until it came down under 300fps.

Thanks in advance,

I'd ebay that one, it's a fine example and I wouldn't take less than 250-300 for it or I'd keep it on the wall.

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