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Here is a Rebline Gun of mine that I happen to have a picture of.

Although I haven't played (playing=hardcore use from me) much with Reblines I would have to disagree with you on their quality B. From all the Rebline guns I have inspected (older models and newer models) their quality is absolutely top notch.

The fit and finish compares exactly on par with many of my lapcos and definitely the same category as some of my bushmaster (much better than the later ICD bushys).

When examining the exterior of the rebline guns many of the small details can be missed. They came with a large variety of options for the interior and the exterior although some of these options may have only been available on some of the very high end guns and others are just for aesthetics.
*Barrel Options (Lengths Galore)
*Bore Options
*Color Options (Large Variety of Colors)
*Bolt Diffusing Options for front bolt half(Several Different Styles from Ventri to standard hole that can be unscewed and added to the bolt)
*Actual Bolt Length Options depending on what front barrel
*Asa Options
*Hammer Option (Brass or Steel)
*Trigger Options (Aluminum colors or Brass as pictured on the gun above)

As for the quick release pump arms I believe they are meant to be used when disassembling the quick release front half of the body for cleaning so that the pump arm screws don't need to be removed which could lead to the bolt coming out when pulling it apart on the field.

Anyways, as I wrote earlier I haven't actually put the Rebline guns through extensive use on the field so they could have some flaws there (as with most pretty nelsons, the screws probably won't stay on and I know I would lose them after the first game played) but in my opinion they are beautiful guns there are very well machined.

Anyone got any other pictures?
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