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kingman experts needed.

hey mcb, long time no posting.

anyways, have some questions about an old spyder i picked up at a flea market up here in maine. it's an original spyder, the first model made. i saw it sitting there, felt bad for it, and it was $10 and had a smart parts barrel (old green and silver one, 14.5"), how could i pass it up? first gun was a spyder and i know them better than any gun out there. the lady even threw in a 20oz. co2 tank. i tested it out there and, it worked! amazing considering it looks like it was buried on the beach here for 10 years. i'm amazed none of the screws are stripped on it even, got it apart easily, cleaned her up, now she's as good as new.

the other one that was for sale there wasn't so lucky i guess. couldn't even cock the thing, so maybe one of you can run up there and buy it.

so enough about that story, haha. now to the questions...

i figured i wanna turn this into a LP gun. i already have an old spring kit with the old style valve springs so i'm set on that. i planned on drilling the valve out myself and milling down the pin for higher air flow. for a reg i wanna run a PPS stabilizer, but i was wondering what type i would need since this gun has no ASA threading.

also, i want to keep the stock bolt and hammer in there. mostly because i don't want to spend a lot of money and simply don't have the time and cash to track those parts down. so, would it even be possible with the stock striker and hammer? i'd like to get it under 500psi at least. under 350psi would be amazing.

and i was thinking of an e-frame. then i remembered that this gun uses the fatty striker which would cause some issues. so, what i'm wondering is if there's a different striker i can buy to get it to work with a kingman e-frame.

thanks for reading all that. sorry if there's any spelling errors. it's 4 AM, i can't sleep, and i'm on a laptop which i can't type for crap on, haha.
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