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Two minor changes to be made aware of

I made a few edits to the code on the site in regards to the Hall of Shame.

1. We do not want people just making posts in there. No matter how warranted, do not post in there. I edited the code, so now you can't. So if you get an error message when creating a new thread, this is why.

Make your new thread in the feedback area, or in the appropriate feedback thread. When and if someone warrants having that thread moved to the "hall of shame" the moderators will do that.

2. The second part of the hall of shame, is that we don't want a user to be in there. We want users to clear up their existing trades. While this site and many others out there are "Caveat emptor", let the buyer beware, we also don't want a trouble seller/buyer that has a clear pattern of it, scamming our good members.

You need to remember that here, many MANY of us are friends. We get together... Play paintball, chat, have a great time. Some of us might only see each other once a year, and some, we might never have met, but would still consider ourselves friends here.

So while a scammer might not know Mr. LadiesMan217, he might just be a friend of mine, and yes, I will look out for him/her.

A buyer and seller needs to do their own research, check out the feedback threads, and make their own decisions... Just because it's a gun/part you REALLY want, doesn't mean you throw caution to the wind and go with someone with a LOT of bad feedback.

---- Wow, a long winding tangent on getting to part two: So part 2 is, I created a "Probation" account. This means that if you are IN the Hall of Shame, we want you to clean up your existing trades.

On probation, you have full access to the site (PM's, posting, etc) except you may not create a new thread or even post in the BST sections.

Once you have cleaned up your prior trades, you will be removed off probation, and onto double secret probation. You may then BST again... But find yourself in trouble again, and you will find yourself removed.

Again, I do NOT want to get into having to police every BST or every bad action, etc. Please watch out for your own butt... and one bad or misinterpreted deal does not warrant us getting involved.

On the other hand, I will watch out for my friends.

If anyone has any questions, comments, or suggestions, please post here, or feel free to PM me anytime.

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