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Redbeard the Pirate's Feedback

Hello and welcome to Redbeard the Pirates Feedback

You're probably here because you recognize that I'm ridiculously good looking. Either that or you purchased an item from me (or I from you) and wanted to let the world know how awesome it was that you had a chance to do business with me.

I really can't blame you, I mean just look at me:

*Holy ****! Is that really Redbeard the pirate?!?*

Yeah, it is.

How could you have awesome feedback like me? Well first you need to grow a red beard.


Then you need to sell things.

Not just anythings, Bad *** things.

Custom 03 Viking with UL frame? SOLD
Custom 04 APL Viking with UL frame? SOLD
1 of 1 Dual rod S6 prototype? SOLD
TWO of the most gorgeous S6.5's to exist SOLD
Pistolized AT-10 w/ on board 13/30? SOLD
Custom factory anno'd blazer? SOLD
Noxx55 Dragonov mag? SOLD
Half a dozen Havoc launchers? SOLD
More pimped out phantoms then the you can shake a stick at? all SOLD
Tiberius 8's, 9's and even a 10? SOLD
DE Custom Ego? SOLD
Not just one, but TWO Identity Crisis B5s? SOLD
Mags? Sold, Tippmanns? Sold, FREAKING AUTOCOCKERS??!?! ALL FREAKING SOLD B******!!!!!!

Bask in all of the beauty! BASK IN IT!!!!

UUHHHHHH How did that feel? Feeling insignificant yet?

Well that's okay, maybe you can start to live through me vicariously if you too buy some of my stuff. Keep an eye out, as I'm always whoreing out my collection.

Maybe someday you will own something I have touched.


A.K.A Feedback
My WTB Ad!

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