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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post

It was a bad year for most places... Sad really. Seemed like most weekends it rained.

I do wish there were store hours... Winter store hours, or something. And they don't sell online. They're missing a large market I feel... Especially around Christmas time.
They did have the Manchester store which filled that need but they closed it. As for the internet sales, we had discusses that and a couple years ago I even began working on it for them, but it was decided that they didn’t want to deal with online competition. So things are as they are.

Originally Posted by Murph View Post
I talked to Cynthia about it last time I was there. She said it completely sucks those last few weeks of the year and she didn't wanna deal with pissing and moaning kids whose guns don't work on co2 or the paint bounces/breaks in gun nonstop, not to mention taking down the bunkers in the snow. TBH it was pretty bad that weekend too with all of that.
Honestly that is part of running a field in NH. There are ways to minimize this though without just closing up.

I don’t understand the “taking down the bunkers in the snow” thing though. It is not that hard to take down inflatable bunkers, even in the snow. The rest stay up. And heck, they could just close those “inflatable” fields early and use all the rest.
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