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single trigger frames

can any of the airsmiths here make a custom single trigger frame for a promaster, ion, intimidator, or shocker? preferribly for the promaster, since they are the cheapest. i havent bought a gun yet but i want to see if i can get a single trigger frame first. i was going to get an old gen e matrix and throw a frame on but the deal isnt going to work out and i cant find another stock dm3. had an old angel with a single frame and loved it hence the whole reason for wanting a single. if an airsmith can do it, i could buy the gun and send them the gun and frame so they a reference. if possible id like the frame to look like an old kapp angel single frame but the finger grooves arent neccessary, that way i can get wrap around grips or panels. how much would this frame set me back? would it be more cost effective to find an old angel single frame and mod it to fit one of the above guns? should i just keep looking for a matrix to single or is this a feasible possibility? thanks guys.
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