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Originally Posted by Lil Demon View Post
Just got word from Mel @ CCM on a similar question, she basically suggested using RIT fabric dye to tint the color of clear parts - I'll probably be doing this with some grips, either that or painting (with model paint) a symbol on the inner face that will show through, I'll experiment with that first to see how it goes. Another thing I want to try is getting vinyl stickers cut by a sign company and place them on the inside surface.

Anyone know of someone making custom grips for the S6? If none of my ideas work I am in the market for buying some made for me

I just got this thing, haven't even played with it yet, and already working on customizing it lol
yes the RIT fabric dye works well if you follow the instructions. if you are feeling artsy you can creat designs bye dying the part, then draw your design on the part using super glue or nail polish and then dying the part in your second color.

Custom grips for both the 45 and 86 frame's can be made by stinger paintball designs.

SPD Web Store - Viper Custom Paintball Marker Hand Grips - Paintball Grips - Paintball Gun Grips for Sale

Originally Posted by CCM CHICK View Post
We used to make colored triggers, but we had issues with them snapping so we have discontinued them....
I was sad when mine snapped. Are the clear triggers still available?
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