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I have a tippmann pro-lite with stock 8.5" barrel, JT mask, vl200 basic hopper, 9 oz tank (add $5 and I can switch it out with a 12oz), pure energy remote line, and a pro-line 4+1 harness (which I have removed the plastic clip and added metal ones).

The prolite is in realy good condition, the body has only 2 or 3 small scratches, lighter trigger springs, but the barrel is dinged up on the outside edge, just the finish doesnt affect preformance.

JT mask with black and green strap, lense has some light scratching from play.

vl200, regular plastic hopper.

9 oz tank- brass eagle tank, the label is starting to peel in 3 places. has a kick'n paintballs stick on it (clear sticker with white lettering). the tank has light to medium scratches on it from use. The valve is undented and threads are NOT cross threaded.

pure energy remote line, like new, a couple tiny scratches on the on/off but you have to look for them.

4 misc. 140 round pods. some dirty, some new.

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